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Have you seen our latest edition to the Wahine Surfwear collection?

An eco-conscious and colorful thermos perfect for those after surf drinks! We are bringing a collaboration with Dutch Brand Retulp!


Thermos :  Palm Leaf Green


Let us give you 5 great reasons to invest in one of our cute and practical surf thermos:

  1. Reduce waste

The plastic waste problem keeps growing and on a global scale we use a million plastic bottles a minute. Adding to the problem is that 91% of all plastic is not recycled! Most plastic ends up in the oceans or on a landfill, polluting beaches, harming animals and finding its way into the food chain, causing a huge environmental crisis on the long run. But it is not too late, and preventing waste is better than recycling. Using refillable water bottles is the best way to cut down plastic waste. What better use of our Surf Thermos!

  1. Save money

Although some labels on bottled water show mountain streams, at least 25% of this water is just filtered tap water, unnecessary harming the environment when these same bottles are transported from one country to the other. Time to refill those bottles with tap water ladies! And in case your tap water doesn’t taste good, get a home water filter and you will still save money.  Save about 200 euros per year using a reusable water bottle, that’s enough to pay off your Wahine Surfwear thermos and to start saving for that cool new surfboard!

  1. Multi-use

Our sleek looking thermos not only keep your water and smoothies cool up to 8 hours. But also, your coffee or tea will be steaming hot up to 6 hours! Perfect when you want to warm up after a surf session in cold water. Are you a tea lover? Our thermos come with a cute matching tea filter. Taking your own herbal tea from home has never been this easy! The wide opening makes it easy to clean, but also perfect for adding ice cubes or fruit to your drink.

  1. Wahine x Retulp collaboration

Wahine Surfwear works together with the cool new Dutch brand Retulp, their motto is ‘Love water, leave plastic’ and that totally relates to our brand! They produce environmentally friendly bottles that are safe for your health, durable and recyclable. Like Wahine Surfwear, Retulp also gives back to the community. Every sold thermos contributes to clean drinking water in developing countries, you are buying more than just a bottle!



  1. Join the wave!

Make a statement! Our cute and colorful surf thermos are way more fashionable than those ordinary plastic water bottles. Just pick the color you like and have a real meaningful as well as fashionable accessory to match your surf outfit! The thermos are made from sustainable and partly recycled stainless steel, BPA and toxin free! By choosing one of our thermos you will be part of a movement of eco-conscious lady surfers who give back to both nature and people.



They are available is 5 amazing colors:
Palm Leaf Green, Ocean Blue, Sunset Pink, Happy Yellow and Coconut Brown!




Bikini? Board? Wahine bottle? You are ready to surf! ♥



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How Wahine Surfwear’s failed Kickstarter campaign is still a success story ♥


Dear backers, surfers and other ocean-lovers,

As you may noticed our Wahine Surfwear® crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter did not reach its funding goal, but there is no way we are giving up! We are so thankful for all of your support and those amazing and generous pledges. Without your help we would never have reached € 6.822!! ♥

However Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform and we were short of the €10.000 we needed to raise to give our eco-friendly surfwear brand the ultimate kick-off. But the campaign did help us in many other ways. Our brand did receive some amazing media coverage on national and international level. Varying from surf magazines to blogs and local newspapers. We are so happy with all the love and positive reactions we have received and gained a lot of new fans.

We want to thank all our backers for believing in Wahine Surfwear® and for supporting our vision.

At the moment we are figuring out the next steps and are busy finding other ways to finance the growth of our brand. We will continue to keep you in the loop!


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Thank you for supporting us! ♥


Warm and ocean loving regards,

Charlotte and Tatjana  – Founders of Wahine Surfwear®

Wahine Surfwear® joins National Geographic Beach Cleanup

On Saturday June 24th Charlotte and Tatjana -founders of Wahine Surfwear®- joined a group of 600 volunteers in an effort to clean up part of the Dutch coastline between Scheveningen and Zandvoort.

The Beach Cleanup was part of the campaign #STOPMETPLASTIC. With this campaign National Geographic hopes to create more awareness the plastic waste problem we face. The Dutch coastline has an average of 120 kilos of trash per kilometer, making it clear that even here in the Netherlands we have a serious problem with plastic waste.

During this 2018 Beach Cleanup a team of 600 volunteers picked up over 3000 kilos(!) of plastic waste from the beaches between coastal cities Scheveningen and Zandvoort. We have collected different types of plastic waste, ranging from fishing nets, straws, balloons and plastic bottles to pieces of microplastic. We are so proud of this amazing achievement!

Did you know that Wahine Surfwear® also organizes Beach Cleanups? Like to join us? Please keep an eye on our website to learn more about our ocean-friendly community projects!

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