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Meet Wahine Surfwear® the first eco-conscious and ocean-friendly ladies surfbrand in the world! Initiated by two Dutch ecopreneurs and longtime friends with a shared passion for the ocean and for surfing.
We aim to work towards a more conscious fashion industry and increase consumer awareness about sustainability, health, ethics and animal welfare.



Beach cleanup



The Hawaiian word Wahine means ‘female’ and is used to describe female surfers. It perfectly symbolizes our brand, as the goal of Wahine Surfwear is to create a community of surf and fashion loving ladies, with a joined mission to save the oceans.
Did you know that already in the 1600’s, female surfers challenged the big Pacific waves on long hardwood surfboards?! The goal of Wahine Surfwear is to create a community of powerful women that are passionate about surf and have a deep love and respect for the ocean. Just like the Hawaiian wahines have had already since a long time.


Surfwear with a mission

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Unlike other surfbrands, Wahine Surfwear is all about sustainable products & fairtrade. We use natural fabrics and GOTS certified inks. Our swimwear line is produced with recycled plastic. Even our packaging is eco-friendly. To ensure high quality products, we are a minimalistic brand with a limited collection.
For our photoshoots, we work together with models that are natural beauties or female surfer athletes, who are a lot more than just objectified beautiful bodies we often see as stereotype of surfer girls. We are proud that our brand can meet the needs of lady’s surfers looking for stylish clothing that suit a sustainable and conscious lifestyle.
By choosing our Organic and Ocean-friendly products, you can help us to make a meaningful difference to the world! ♥


Charlotte & Tatjana

Charlotte (blonde) and Tatjana (brunette)
Founders of Wahine Surfwear®
Surfer girls at the beach

Education & ocean-saving projects


Spending a lot of time in the water, we are alarmed by its present state. Recent studies show that by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish, unless the industry cleans up its act. This inspired us to work on an ambitious but important mission: starting the most ocean-friendly brand in the business, while giving back to nature at the same time.
That’s why part of our returns go to ocean-saving projects, such as beach clean-ups and giving lectures world wide to create awareness about the importance of our oceans, and keeping them plastic free.
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