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Meet Wahine Surfwear® the first organic & ocean-friendly ladies surfbrand in the world! Initiated by two Dutch ecopreneurs and longtime friends with a shared passion for the oceans and for surfing.
We aim to work towards a more conscious fashion industry and increase consumer awareness about sustainability, health, ethics and animal welfare.



Wahine Surfwear is a conscious and ocean-friendly surfwear label initiated by two Dutch surf girls. The brand contributes to a more sustainable, conscious and women-friendly surf industry and surfing community. 
To ensure high quality products, we are a minimalistic brand with a limited collection. By increasing consumer awareness we hope to inspire and make a meaningful change to the world



Wahine Surfwear is all about sustainable and fairtrade products. We use natural or recycled fabrics and GOTS certified inks, inks which will last as long as the garment itself. Also the packaging is eco-friendly. Because we care about both nature and human, we are an ethical brand that works together with workplaces with fair conditions in the factories.
We also actively give back to the planet by organising and support projects to keep our oceans healthy, reduce marine litter and protect marine life.


We are here for all our wahines, no matter if they specialise in wavesurfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, bodyboard or SUPsurf. We want to create an inclusive community in which surfers of all geographical, cultural, and religious backgrounds, and all body types, feel welcomed.
That is why our models represent the natural and diverse beauty of female surfers without resorting to objectification or sexy stereotypes. We are proud Wahine Surfwear meets the needs of women surfers looking for high quality clothing that has both style and a strong message. ♥


The Hawaiian word Wahine means ‘female’ and is used to describe female surfers. This term perfectly captures the vision of our brand, as the goal of Wahine Surfwear is to create a community of surf and fashion loving ladies, with a joined mission to save the oceans.
The group of girls that are making waves has risen over the past few years. But did you know that Hawaiian Wahines challenged the big Pacific waves on long hardwood surfboards as early as the 1600’s?  It is our goal to help build a community of powerful women, who have a deep love and respect for the ocean and a passion for surf – much like the Hawaiian wahines have had for a long time.


Although female surfers are on the rise and more and more are riding giant waves every day, surfing as a cultural lifestyle and industry is still male-dominated. Lady surfers still need to fight against inequality and sexism both in and outside the water. We are therefore sure that the time is right for a surfbrand for women and by women, to take the surf world by storm.
Surfing is a world in which women can show they are strong and powerful, and that is exactly what we aim to do!


Charlotte and Tatjana are longtime friends who share a passion for the ocean and for surfing. Living near the beach and spending a lot of time in the water, they were shocked by the amount of waste in the water and on the beaches. Recent studies show that by 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish, unless the industry cleans up its act.
This inspired them to work on an ambitious but important mission: starting the most ocean-friendly brand in the business, while giving back to nature at the same time.
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